Titanium Molybdenum Archwires SL arch

Titanium Molybdenum Archwires SL arch
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With half the force but twice the working range of stainless steel1, TM Arch wire has indications for all stages of treatment. Because of its intermediate stiffness between stainless steel and the nickel-titanium memory alloys, it is especially beneficial as a main working archwire. TM Arch wire has good flexibility and springback characteristics along with predictable forces for consistent control.

  • Initial Stage – TM Archwire is recommended for tooth alignment, space closure and Curve of Spee. Ormco offers preformed Reverse Curve TM Archwire  and Reverse Curve TM Archwire  with “T” Loops.

  • Intermediate Stage – TM Archwire is recommended for early torque control with moderate forces. TM Archwire  also provides complete manipulation of the wire for dimensional control. Indications include use as an ideal retraction arch while exerting constant moderate forces over a longer period of time.

  • Final Stage – TM Archwire is used as a detailing wire with moderate force.

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